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manage & Pay contractors globally

Manage and pay contractors globally

Hire, pay, and look after new team members, no matter where they are. We’ll handle the paperwork and employee experience while you focus on scaling and growing.

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Pick from a global talent pool

Access the expertise you need

Bring in unique perspectives and add value to your projects. Hiring independent contractors abroad enables you to access specialized skills and expertise that may not be available locally. You can leverage the knowledge and experience of contractors from different regions, industries, or niches.

Execute projects faster

Hire and pay overseas contractors in minutes. Tap into a broader global talent pool with the right skills and experience for your business growth. Gain a competitive advantage and help meet tight deadlines.

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Focus on growth, not admin

Borderless takes the hassle out of hiring independent contractors. Our reliable platforms handle all the administrative tasks, such as contractor onboarding, contract management, and payment processing. This streamlines your operations and reduces the administrative burden on your team.

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Adapt to changes as they come

Remote work offers the flexibility to quickly respond to changing business needs, scale operations up or down, and optimize your workforce to meet evolving demands.

How Borderless Works

Ready to onboard and pay your global team?

With Borderless you can manage your employees and contractors in 170+ countries.


Let's get down to business

How much does Borderless cost?
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With Borderless' contractor management platform, you can easily onboard contractors in a fully compliant manner. We handle global payroll processing and ensure streamlined change management, all at a cost of just $49 per contractor per month.

What do you charge contractors when they withdraw their payments?
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There are no hidden fees for contractors to withdraw payments.  The fees associated with a withdrawal vary on the payment method and jurisdiction.

How do I ensure I’m not misclassifying employees when I don’t know the regulations in the countries where I hire?
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When it comes to hiring contractors, the fear of misclassification is a common concern for businesses. Don't worry; our team of legal experts is here to help you figure out the right classification for your needs. To learn more about misclassification, check out our Insights. If you're interested in understanding misclassification risks in a specific country, head over to our Country Explorer for more information.

I already work with contractors; can I use Borderless to manage them?
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Yes, you can onboard contractors to Borderless at any point in your working relationship. Our team will work with you to make sure all contracts are properly migrated to our system.

Do I have to pay payroll taxes when I hire contractors?
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No, you are not responsible for paying payroll taxes for independent contractors since they are considered separate from your organization. However, it is crucial to ensure that you and your team fulfill all necessary reporting obligations in the local jurisdiction.

I have no trouble paying my international contractors. Why should I use Borderless?
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Managing international contractors involves more than just payroll processing. It includes handling change management, ensuring compliant onboarding, and proper tax reporting. Borderless can simplify all these additional challenges for you and your team.

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