Borderless AI Emerges from Stealth with $27M in Seed Funding to Bring the First AI Agent to Global HR
Global Payroll

Manage payroll globally

Manage and administer your entire global payroll in one place. Streamline payments for your own legal entities, through our legal entities, or both.

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All-in-one global payroll solution

Borderless enables you to run every aspect of payroll in 170+ countries from a single platform.

quickly pay to a multitude of countries

Fast payroll processing

Manage payroll for employees and contractors all over the world in a snap. Whether you use your legal entities or ours (or both), our platform helps you process real-time payments and compliantly administer all things payroll.

metrics on performance of employees in the form of a report

One-stop reporting and analytics

Get accurate, real-time access to your payroll data without filtering through emails and spreadsheets. Dig deep into your data with drill-down reporting and gain actionable insights.

employee compliance status

100% secure and compliant

Our in-depth knowledge of each country and global legal network ensures your business is always compliant - from taxes to deductions, onboarding to terminations, employee misclassifications, and everything in between.

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A platform your employees will love

Borderless delivers a simple user interface that goes both ways. Your employees will have direct access to their detailed payslips and tax documentation on the same platform you run payroll from.