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Who we are
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About Borderless AI

We're on a mission to bring economic empowerment to the world
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What does Borderless AI do?

Borderless AI
Borderless AI is a global payroll solution that leverages the power of generative AI to automate and speed up the process of on-boarding, managing, and paying international team members.
Borderless AI created Alberni, the world's first AI agent for Global HR. With the power of conversational AI, Alberni performs many tasks for HR teams such as: employment agreement generation, on-boarding international team members, and many other HR-related tasks.
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What are the core values of Borderless AI?


We want to win, often and always. We move fast and leave attitudes at the door. We push the limits of what’s possible, keeping our customer-first mentality turned on. Our team takes pride in the work we do because we see the value that our mission will bring to businesses and work forces around the world.

Alberni already powers Borderless employment agreements. Now, find answers to your global employment questions, and create and analyze your contracts — all on-demand.

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