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Employee Cost Calculator

Are you exploring how much it costs to hire an employee in a particular country?

Our calculator gives you an accurate and comprehensive estimate of the cost to hire in over 170 countries, including:

When assessing costs, remember that most EOR providers require 1-2 months of salary deposit upfront while Borderless does not.

Employee Cost Calculator

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No hidden costs or multiple steps

From day one, make the most informed decision when expanding your global team. The Employee Cost Calculator gives you an immediate window into the entire cost of hiring an employee. No surprise additional fees or subsequent steps after viewing the platform.

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Compliance peace of mind

Because your business is our business, you can rest assured that you’re receiving accurate employee cost estimates. As your employment partner, the local in-house experts at Borderless ensure you’re following the rules as pertain to local pension contributions, customary allowances, offboarding, and much more.

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With Borderless you can manage your employees and contractors in 170+ countries.

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Other providers offer calculators, why is your calculator different?
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Not all EOR Employee Cost Calculators are built the same. Many EOR Employee Cost Calculators only include employer-mandated contributions. However, to do a true comparison, companies should consider all the costs: including the company fee, transaction fees, and FX (currency exchange) fees. Borderless gives you an estimate of these costs upfront, while other EOR providers require a sales call before seeing a comprehensive estimate.

Are there any other costs we should consider?
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Organizations should consider that their initial salary costs might be higher than stated on some calculators. In addition to the above hidden costs, most EOR providers require a 1-2 month salary deposit per employee in the first cash outlay. This is typically not revealed until late in the sales cycle. At Borderless, we don’t require those upfront salary deposits, so the calculator estimate is as true to the real cost that you will encounter if all services remain the same.⁺⁺

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