Borderless AI Emerges from Stealth with $27M in Seed Funding to Bring the First AI Agent to Global HR

Experience the future of global HR

Onboard, manage, and pay your international team in one platform. Zero deposits, dedicated in-house support, unrivaled customer experience, and AI-powered global employment law resources.

Onboard employees and contractors around the world
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You bring us your global talent. We handle the rest.

AI-Powered Platform

Meet Alberni - The World’s first AI agent for global HR.

Create employment contracts in seconds
Analyze employment contracts for strength and receive suggestions
Get your global employment questions answered with powerful AI-assisted insights

No Upfront Costs

Prioritize your growth and forget the unnecessary and hidden fees you get with other providers.

Zero deposits prior to employee onboarding
No advanced funding required
Real-time payments engine where your money moves quickly and securely

Unrivaled Customer Experience

Borderless transforms the customer and employee experience.

Localized benefits packages to help you attract, hire, and retain top talent
In-house support team of Borderless employees. No chatbots or outsourced support

Give your remote team powerful tools to manage income and time

Introducing the Borderless App for Android and iOS

Home screen of the borderless app showing the recent payments received in a timeline

Grow your team in 170+ countries from one platform

Our all-in-one platform simplifies the hiring process so you can focus on what matters -  growing your business. We’ll take care of the rest. Save time, lighten your workload, and harness the power of technology to tap into the potential of your global workforce.

Showing circles of various flags from different countriesShowing circles of various flags from different countries

Stay up to speed with our guides and resources

Canadian recruiter holding out a hand with sparkling coins, symbolizing the cost of hiring an employee in Canada.
How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Employee in Canada?

When it comes to onboarding new employees, the biggest cost of hiring is basic salary or wages, followed by compensation and benefits. Read the full blog.

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Three diverse contractors standing around a globe, representing the international talent pool accessible through global hiring.
Advantages of Hiring Global Contractors

When your local talent pool feels limiting, it's time to think globally. Learn the pros of hiring independent contractors around the world to meet your staffing needs.

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Two individuals representing a sole proprietor and a single-member LLC standing side by side.
Independent Contractors: Sole Proprietorships vs Single-Member LLCs

Independent contractors & sole proprietors are two different classifications of independently employed individuals. Learn about the differences between the two.

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Office worker sits at desk with laptop open, talking to a colleague who stands nearby. Both discuss converting international contractors to employees.
Converting International Contractors to Employees

How do I transition an independent contractor to an employee when they live in a different country? Read the full blog to learn about international converters.

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Globe beside tax document.
International Contractors & Taxes - What You Need to Know

For businesses working with independent contractors, especially those located internationally, the tax requirements can be equally confusing.

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Person reviewing a checklist for hiring independent contractors.
Hiring Independent Contractors - Your Checklist

Independent contractors & employees are alternate classifications of working relationships between an organization & an individual. Read on blog to learn more.

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Man filling out a W-8BEN tax form.
Independent Contractors & W-8BEN Forms

For businesses working with independent contractors, especially those located internationally, the tax requirements can be equally confusing.

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Ready to onboard and pay your global team?

With Borderless you can manage your employees and contractors in 170+ countries.


Let's get down to business

How much does Borderless cost?
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Borderless has pricing plans that scale with your business. Visit our pricing page for more detail.

What is an Employer of Record?
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An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party organization like Borderless that hires and pays employees on behalf of your company, enabling you to legally and efficiently engage with employees in a country where you don't have an office or legal entity.

What countries do you support?
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Borderless can help you hire in 170+ countries. Check out our Country Explorer for a complete list of all the countries we serve.

Why is Borderless different from its competitors?
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Borderless sets itself apart from the crowd with its suite of unique features and benefits. With our platform, you can offer faster payments, tailor-made in country benefits, and zero upfront costs. We offer more payment methods and invoicing options, reducing the time spent on your end managing payments. Simplify your operations and maintain strict compliance with our all-in-one platform.

What happens if I have questions after I sign up for Borderless?
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Every Borderless customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who is always ready to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Why did you start Borderless?
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Borderless was founded with a clear goal in mind: to provide organizations with a hassle-free and compliant solution for hiring, paying, and retaining talent worldwide. We firmly believe that hiring local talent from anywhere in the world is a powerful way to level the playing field, and that no organization should be constrained by the talent available in its country.

Still have questions? Our team is here to help.Contact Us