Borderless AI Emerges from Stealth with $27M in Seed Funding to Bring the First AI Agent to Global HR
Human Resources

Fast track your growth and automate everything

Grow your company faster with Borderless. Hire the best talent in 170+ countries in minutes, without worrying about compliance, payroll, or HR admin.

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Focus on people, not process

Unlock the full potential of your HR department by harnessing EOR services. Empower your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives, ensure compliance with ease, streamline operations, tap into specialized expertise, manage a global workforce efficiently, and drive the organization's overall success.

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Global expansion and compliance

Navigate the complexities of global expansion with our local expertise. We will ensure compliance with international labor laws and regulations. This relieves your team from the burden of researching and understanding local employment requirements, payroll regulations, tax obligations, and other legal obligations.

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Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

We handle the onboarding and offboarding processes for employees, including contract administration, background checks, employment agreements, and termination procedures. This saves you time and effort, allowing your team to focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

Payroll and benefits administration

We handle payroll processing, including salary payments, tax withholdings, and benefits administration. Our platform ensures accurate and timely payroll management, relieving you of the administrative tasks associated with payroll processing and compliance.

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Global workforce management

With a global database, your teams can access and analyze employee data more efficiently, facilitating workforce planning, reporting, and decision-making processes.

How Borderless Works

Ready to onboard and pay your global team?

With Borderless you can manage your employees and contractors in 170+ countries.