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Expand your value proposition with Borderless Embedded

Easily add remote worker management to your existing offering using our Borderless Embedded platform.

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What is Borderless Embedded

Borderless Embedded helps your customers to contract, pay and manage remote employees and contractors in 170+ countries giving you an additional revenue stream, while deepening your relationship with them.

Lifecycle management

Enable seamless hiring of employees and contractors, streamlined team payments, and simplified tax filing processes for employees, all within your platform

Your branding

Whether you seek to expand your offerings to customers or streamline your internal operations, our embedded platform functions as a seamless extension to your existing services in your brand

World class platform

Our platform does the heavy lifting with compliant contract generation & real time payments with a mobile app for remote workers and unparalleled cash efficiency

Dedicated support

Setting up cross border work relationships can be intimidating for companies and workers. Our dedicated support makes it a breeze

Why partner with Borderless Embedded?

Benefits for your customers

Benefits for your business

Industries & Verticals

Embedded recruitment
Dev Agencies
Embedded dev agencies
IT Support
Embedded IT Support
Embedded accounting

How Borderless works

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