What is

Notice Period


Notice periods refer to the amount of time an employer requires between the notification of an employee’s resignation and their last day of employment.

Notice periods refer to the amount of time an employer has to give an employee in case of termination. It also refers to the time between an employee’s resignation and their last day of employment. 

For employers, there are two kinds of notice periods: a contractual notice period and a statutory notice period.

Contractual Notice Periods

A contractual notice period is specified in an employee’s employment contract. The amount of notice will vary from one contract to another, however, it must not be less than the legal minimum notice period. 

Statutory Notice Periods

This is also referred to as a legal notice period. It is the minimum notice a current employer gives to employees upon termination. Details of the notice period must be explicitly stated in the employment contract. 

An employee’s notice period is dependent on several factors, including the country where they reside and how long they have worked for an employer. 

For example, in Albania, the minimum notice period is two weeks and increases depending on the length of employment. 

  • Six months of employment: Two weeks notice
  • Six months to two years of employment: One month notice
  • Two to five years of employment: Two months notice
  • More than five years of employment: Three months notice

Notice periods are essential when it comes to managing employee expectations and workflows. Establishing a distinct notice period policy benefits the employee and the employer. It creates a workplace that has trust, accountability, and transparency. 

There are often adaptations to traditional notice periods. Employers sometimes choose to pay their employees in lieu of notice. 

In this instance, employers would pay the employee during the notice period but the employee does not have to fulfill their job role. 

Other employers may choose to give the employee paid vacation time rather than have the employee work during their notice period.

Navigating notice periods around the world is a tall task. Every county, region and province has different regulations surrounding employee notice periods, so it can be hard to keep up. 

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