What is

Non-Mandatory Benefits


Non-mandatory benefits refer to perks or benefits that employees are not legally required to offer. This is also often referred to as voluntary benefits, supplemental benefits, non-statutory benefits, or fringe benefits.

Non-mandatory benefits are advantages or benefits that employers are not expected — or legally mandated — to offer. 

Non-mandatory benefits are also known as alluded to as voluntary benefits, supplemental benefits, non-statutory benefits, or fringe benefits.

In their employee benefits package, employers can provide a variety of optional benefits. 

The objective of offering non-mandatory benefits is to draw in top talent and keep employee satisfaction high.

Examples of Non-Mandatory Benefits

Many organizations offer non-mandatory benefits to their remote employees. Here are some common examples of what they focus on. 

Wellbeing and health

This spotlights on employee physical and emotional well-being and prosperity. This could be anything from private healthcare and gym memberships to life coaching and physiotherapy or massage sessions.

Monetary security
Vision insurance, dental insurance, paid parental leave, and retirement plans are benefits related to financial security.

Work-life balance
This could likewise be alluded to as way-of-life benefits. By providing unlimited paid time off, reimbursement for childcare, or transportation costs, these benefits aim to assist employees in achieving a work-life balance.

A rising measure of workers need to have flexibility. As a method for drawing in a more extensive pool of employees, numerous businesses offer the capacity to work remotely. With this, businesses often provide a co-woking membership stipend or a bonus for home office setup. 

Productivity benefits
Many businesses offer support to increase employee productivity and efficiency throughout the work day. This could include skills building, lunch allowances, or subscriptions to digital productivity tools. 

Benefits of Offering Non-Mandatory Benefits

Offering non-mandatory benefits is extremely advantageous to both employees and employers. A well-crafted benefits package gives organizations an upper hand to draw in top talent from across the world. Furthermore, offering worthwhile benefits increases both motivation and employee retention. 

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