What is

Location-independent/ Agnostic Location


A workstyle wherein a person’s job isn’t affected by their location. This arrangement is a result of employees seeking more flexibility and freedom. Under this setup, employees are not bound to one desk or office. A wireless network and portable device help them work from anywhere in the world.

Location-independent or agnostic location refers to a workstyle where the person’s job isn’t tied to a particular location. Employees are not bound to a desk or office and only require a secure Wi-Fi connection to get their work done. 

Benefits of Being Location-Independent:

  • Flexibility: Location-independent workers benefit from flexibility in how they structure their work days, where they complete their work, and when. As with hybrid and remote work environments, the flexibility often leads to better work-life balance and an overall happier workforce. 
  • The World is Your Office: Location-independent employees have the freedom to travel and pursue opportunities anywhere in the globe. 
  • Endless Opportunity: Because they are no longer tied down by geographic location, location-agnostic workers can apply to jobs anywhere in the world as long as they aligns with their skills and interests and career goals. 

There are countless industries and roles that work well for location-independent employees. Some of the most common location-independent careers are:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Freelance writers
  • Software engineers
  • Web developers
  • Remote business owners
  • Online teachers/tutors
  • Recruiters