What is

Home Office


A space in an employee’s home that has been adapted for long-term work.

A home office is a space in an employees’ home that has been adapted for long-term work.

As COVID-19 has forever changed the way we work, more and more companies have adopted remote and hybrid work models. As a result, home office set-ups have become a necessity for employees whose work and home life have intertwined. 

Benefits of a Home Office

  • They are adaptable: A home office can mimic the typical in-office desk set-up employees would find in a standard office environment. Alternatively, employees can set up a more relaxed space.  
  • Can increase productivity: Some people don’t work well in a traditional cubicle or open concept office where distractions are aplenty. Some employees are more productive working on their couch or at their kitchen table.
  • Can be virtually anywhere: Some individuals’ spaces are too small to have a separate office area altogether. As such, they may appreciate the flexibility of remote or hybrid work that means they can go anywhere, like a local café or even the beach (provided there’s strong Wi-Fi!)
  • Promotes Flexibility: A home office adds flexibility into your employees' lives as they don’t have to contend with long commutes and early mornings/late nights. This creates a better work-life balance and increased morale, which ultimately boosts productivity and retention. 
  • Promotes Individuality: Home offices give employees' creative control over how they design and decorate their space, unlike traditional office set-ups. Plants, florals, pictures, and motivational quotes make beautiful additions to the standard desk and home office. 

It’s also an opportunity to create a beautiful backdrop for your video conferencing calls. Colour coded bookshelves, artfully arranged prints, and even the occasional cat or dog sighting all add personality to your workday and give your remote-first colleagues a better sense of who you are. 

Supporting Your Remote Employees

Some employers offer home office stipends as a benefit to remote and hybrid workers. These stipends help employees purchase crucial equipment like desks, office chairs, monitors and other equipment that would typically be offered in a traditional in-office work environment.