What is

Global Employer


An organization that operates or hires across country borders.

A global employer is an organization that operates or hires employees across country borders. A global employer can be a company that has set up a local entity in any given country. Global employers may also be represented by an Employer of Record (EOR) platform that enables global hiring without the headache of traditional, global expansion. 

A global employer is responsible for handling all the normal administration and HR functions of a local employer. This includes:

  • Employee and insurance benefits
  • Taxes
  • Vacation and sick leave
  • Contracts and documentation
  • Compliance with local employment laws
  • Money transfers
  • Processing work permits and visa-related paperwork

Setting up an entity for hiring across the globe is time-consuming and can be a huge headache for global employers looking to take the traditional route. An EOR is already set up to hire employees in the country. It will be faster and easier to start hiring right away. In fact, the process won’t be that much different from hiring locally.

The set-up and HR costs of global hiring can also be quite high, so going through an EOR can save you money. Depending on where you hire, you will also be paying lower salaries than you would be in the US and Canada. So, you’re bound to see some positive impact on your bottom line.

Most importantly though, you’ll be mitigating the risks associated with non-compliance. Because EORs have extensive experience in navigating complex local HR policies, you won’t have to worry about any issues arising from improper hiring practices.