What is

Employee Directory


An employee directory is a centralized database composed of important information about employees in an organization. Read the full glossary definition.

An employee directory is a centralized database of important information about employees in an organization. It includes employee details like names, job titles, contact information, and sometimes photos.  Access information digitally through intranet portals, company websites, or software applications. It promotes internal connectivity and facilitates information sharing.

Types of Employee Directories

Employee directories take different forms. Companies of different sizes across various industries commonly use the following types:  

Online directories: These directories are web-based and accessible through the company's intranet or employee portal. Employees can search for contact information and other relevant details about their colleagues.

Mobile directories: These directories are designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They come in mobile apps that allow employees to find and connect with coworkers while on the move quickly.

Printed directories: Some companies still maintain physical directories in the form of books or booklets. These provide a tangible reference for employees to look up contact information within the organization.

Organizational chart directories: These directories visually represent the company's hierarchical structure. They show reporting lines, department relationships, and key personnel. They help employees understand the company structure and identify appropriate contacts.

Department-specific directories: In larger organizations, departments may maintain their directories focusing on employees within their specific teams. These directories facilitate quick access and communication among team members.

The choice of employee directory depends on the company's size, technological capabilities, and specific requirements. The goal is to provide employees easy access to critical information, promoting efficient communication and collaboration.