What is

Direct Report


An employee who reports to a manager or other senior employee directly, without other managers in the organizational hierarchy.

What are direct reports and how can they benefit your distributed team? 

In a professional or organizational context, a direct report refers to an employee directly reporting to a specific manager or supervisor. This term is commonly used in the corporate world and denotes a hierarchical relationship within a company's structure.

When an employee is considered a direct report, they are under a particular manager's direct supervision and guidance. The manager is responsible for overseeing the employee's work, providing feedback, setting performance goals, and handling any administrative tasks related to the employee, such as conducting performance reviews and managing their work schedule.

The term is most often used in the context of managerial relationships, where managers have one or more direct reports working for them. For example, a manager might have a team of direct reports who all hold different positions but report to the same manager.

Having clear, direct reporting lines helps establish accountability, streamline communication, and facilitate an organization's efficient flow of information. It also helps delegate tasks and responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of the company's operations.

How Can Borderless Help?

Managing a remote team is tough. At Borderless, we understand the ins and outs of global employment, including tricky topics like direct reports. We’re here to ensure you understand how direct reports impact both your payroll responsibilities as an employer and your legal compliance requirements.   

In over 150 countries, we can help you understand the different work cultures worldwide and act as your guide through your employees’ entire tenure with your company. 

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