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Papua New Guinea

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Hiring in

Papua New Guinea

isn't so simple. Borderless can help.

To hire new employees in

Papua New Guinea

, your business must have a local legal entity or an Employer of Record like Borderless in place already. Then there’s the management of local employment compliance, taxes, benefits, payroll, and more. Hiring contractors poses similar challenges.

Borderless handles all of that for you, so you can focus on getting to work with your new team member in

Papua New Guinea

while staying fully compliant with local laws and compliance.

Primary Language

English, Tok Pisin (creole), and Hiri Motu


Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK)

Payroll Frequency


Public Holidays

11 days

Employer Taxes


Cost of Living Index

73.28 (2023)

Statutory Leave

14 days

Sick Leave

6 days

Maternity Leave

Up to 10 weeks

Important: Risks of misclassification

In many countries like

Papua New Guinea

, the treatment of employees and contractors is different. If you misclassify a new team member, you could be subjected to penalties and fines. Let Borderless get this right for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Payment Information

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in New Guinea is PGK 3.50 per hour.

Overtime Pay

The standard work week hours is 40 hours per week for regular workers and 44 hours per week for shift workers and any time exceeding is considered overtime.

Overtime hours worked on Monday to Saturday are paid an additional salary of 50% and any hours worked on public holidays and Sundays are paid an additional salary of 100%.

Additional Pay

There is no additional pay detail for New Guinea.

Payroll Cycle

Employee payments must be paid on a monthly basis by the seventh of each month.

Employer Costs & Taxes

Both an employer and employee contribute to superannuation funds, PNG's retirement savings plan:

  • 8.4%: Superannuation Fund
  • 6%: Employee after-tax contribution
  • 14.4%: Total estimated cost

Employee Costs & Taxes

  • 30-42%: Individual Income Tax 
  • 6%: Superannuation Fund

Employment Information

Termination Process

Termination with or without just cause is possible in accordance with the terms of an employment contract.

Notice period

Termination without notice, only permitted on certain grounds, requires payment in lieu.

The notice period is based on the length of employment:

  • Employees 4 weeks tenure or less: 1 day
  • Employees with 4 weeks - 1 year tenure: 1 week
  • Employees with 1 - 5 years tenure: 2 weeks
  • Employees with 5 years tenure or more: 4 weeks

Probation Period

There are no statutory laws regarding probationary periods.

Severance Details

Payout is remainder of time worked including accrued but untaken recreational and sick leaves and/or any other additional pay outlined in the employment contract.

Benefits of working in a country abroad

Borderless Benefits Packages in

Papua New Guinea

When the world is your competition, it pays to incentivize new hires and existing alike. Borderless benefits packages typically include:

Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Retirement Contributions

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