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, your business must have a local legal entity or an Employer of Record like Borderless in place already. Then there’s the management of local employment compliance, taxes, benefits, payroll, and more. Hiring contractors poses similar challenges.

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while staying fully compliant with local laws and compliance.

Primary Language



Azerbaijani manat (₼, AZN)

Payroll Frequency


Public Holidays

24 days

Employer Taxes


Cost of Living Index

30.90 (2021)

Statutory Leave

21 days

Sick Leave

14 days

Maternity Leave

126 days

Important: Risks of misclassification

In many countries like


, the treatment of employees and contractors is different. If you misclassify a new team member, you could be subjected to penalties and fines. Let Borderless get this right for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Payment Information

Minimum Wage

AZN 300 per month.

Overtime Pay

Overtime cannot exceed 2 consecutive days or 2 hours in difficult working conditions.

The rate is paid at 200% of the hourly salary.

Additional Pay

There is no additional pay detail for Azerbaijan.

Payroll Cycle

For all Borderless customers, payments will be made in monthly instalments by the last day of the month.

Employer Costs & Taxes

Oil and Gas Industry

  • 22.00% - Social Security
  • 0.50% - Unemployment
  • 2.00% - Mandatory Medical Insurance

Private Sector

  • 2.00% up to 200 AZN; 15% above 200 AZN + 44 AZN - Social Security
  • 0.50% - Unemployment
  • 1.00% up to 8,000 AZN; 0.5% above AZN 8000 + 160 AZN - Mandatory Medical Insurance

Employee Costs & Taxes

Oil and Gas Industry employees:

  • 14.00% - monthly salary below 2,500 AZN
  • 350 AZN + 25% - monthly salary above 2,500 AZN

Private Sector employees:

  • 0.00% - monthly salary up to 8,000 AZN
  • 14.00% - monthly salary above 8,000 AZN

Employment Information

Termination Process

Termination must be in accordance with the Employees Act (Angestellten-Gestz).

The employees' role, salary and last day of employment must be notified to the MLSPP and registered with an electronic information system.

Notice period

Notice periods must be given at least one month in advance, and varies on the length of employment:

  • 2 years service or less – 6 weeks’ notice.
  • Between 2- and 5-years’ service 2 months’ notice.
  • Between 4- and 15-years’ service 3 months’ notice.
  • Between 15- and 25-years’ service – 4 months’ notice.
  • More than 25 years’ service – 5 months’ notice.

Probation Period

The maximum probation period in Azerbaijan is 3 months.

Severance Details

A minimum of 3 months severance is entitled to employees whose termination was deemed redundant.

Severance is dependant on the length of employment:

  • 1 years’ service or less 1 month salary
  • Between 1- and 5-years’ service 4X the monthly salary
  • Between 5- and 10-years’ service 7X the monthly salary
  • More than 10 years’ service 2X the monthly salary

Additional 2 months of severance pay must be given to: 

  • If terms of employment were amended
  • If the employee was called into Military Service
  • If the employee can no longer work due to a permanent disability
Benefits of working in a country abroad

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When the world is your competition, it pays to incentivize new hires and existing alike. Borderless benefits packages typically include:

Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Retirement Contributions

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